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The KT72 is similar in design and operation to Kewtech's KT71 but with the added advantage of being battery operated. Auto test sequences are selected using the single rotary switch and the test readings are shown on the LCD display. A new feature of the KT72 is the three colour LED earth continuity indication system: A Green light is a PASS for all appliances, an Amber is a PASS for appliances with a long lead, and a Red FAIL light for equipment with an earth continuity greater than 0.3 Ohms.

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Key Features

  • Battery powered (8 X AA, not included)
  • Performs Earth bond at 200mA at both +ve and -ve polarities (IT safe)
  • 250V / 500V insulation test voltages (For testing equipment with surge protection)
  • Substitute leakage tests
  • Single rotary dial position initiates test sequence
  • Memory for test lead resistance compensation
  • Extension lead test including polarity
  • LED indication of pass / fail as well as a result display
  • Automatic check if appliance is switched on or not
  • Test 110V appliances for earth bond and insulation (with appropriate test adaptor)

Included Items

  • Kewtech certificate of calibration
  • Two years manufacturers warranty
  • Instruction manual
  • Earth bond lead with test probe and clip
  • Extension lead test adaptor
  • Lead case
  • 500 'PASSED' & 200 'FAIL' PAT Labels