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Very informative and well run course. Robert was a great trainer who explained everything clearly and took his time to make sure everyone understood in real world terms. Great day.

Tony, Drywall Contracts, December 2022

Thank you for your review Tony, that's great to hear.

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Good course material, really good tutor, nice kit for practicals and ideal preparation for C&G exam. Ideal.

David, Cambridge, November 2022

Thank you for the great review David, it's very much appreciated.

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Really helpful and friendly guys, fantastic quiet site and classroom. The instructor was brilliant and made the course easy to understand and a good learning pace. Good price for PAT Testers. Highly recommended and can't thank you enough.

Alan, A.Pamplin Maintenance Services, August 2022

Thank you for the excellent review Alan and congratulations on your exam result.

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Excellent course, clearly instructed by Robert Bullimore - he took the time to cover all the relevant aspects clearly and concisely and made the day enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and course to anyone.

Steve, Meadowbrook College, July 2022

That's great to hear. Thank you for sharing your review, Steve.

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Thanks to Rob for a great course - there was plenty of knowledge learning with a take-home copy of the course, and plenty of time to practice PAT testing on different appliances, and using a different range of test equipment. I learned a lot, and I look forward to putting my new knowledge into practice! Thank you Plugtest.

Nick, Cambridgeshire, June 2022

Thank you for the excellent review, Nick. That's great to hear.

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The course was well structured and delivered to a high standard. I felt engaged all day and enjoyed myself. Would highly recommend the course.

Matt, Groundwork East, June 2022

Glad to hear you enjoyed the course Matt. Thank you for leaving us a review and completing the feedback form, it's much appreciated.

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First class course made to feel relaxed and no stress put on you, you jog along at a comfortable pace with no pressure. Robert made it a pleasant place to be.

Adrian, PST Maintenance Ltd, April 2022

That's great to hear. Thank you for the review Adrian, it's much appreciated.

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The course was carried out at a pace that suited all those that attended, from those with little experience to those with a full Electrical background. There was always time for the instructor to answer any questions asked and the time to go over areas that needed to be reinforced. The instructor, Robert, had a very good manner and voice that kept the course information flowing and not boring. I liked the way he used the course notes and real world anecdotes together to help put over the points that needed to be made.

Martyn, Men's Sheds, April 2022

Thank you for the excellent course review Martyn, we appreciate your feedback.

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The course was very interesting and was very well structured. Robert was an excellent trainer.

Colin, Strata, March 2022

Thank you for leaving a review Colin, that's great to hear.

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Training course was excellent! Was fun but also very informative. I think the training course size was also very good and very helpful, allowing the trainer more time to explain and answer questions. I haven't been PAT testing long and to be honest not for a while either, but I for the most part have a good idea of how to use the PAT tester and the software, but really needing more understanding of the whole thing and today I learnt a lot. Robert was excellent.

Peter, Durite, March 2022

Thank you for the excellent review Peter. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience.

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Great day. All aspects easy to follow and understand. Thank you

Chris, Foregate Street Vintage Emporium, March 2022

That's great to hear. Thank you Chris.

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Although I have 30 years experience as an electrician, PAT is something I have never done a great deal of. I booked the course for my own piece of mind to make sure I was passing on the correct information/advice to my clients. Enjoyed the course, well presented.

Curtis, EMS Ltd, March 2022

Thank you for the review Curtis. Glad to hear you enjoyed the course.

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Great day leaned a few new things

Paul, RS PAT Testing, March 2022

Thank you for leaving the review Paul.

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Thank you for the training completed yesterday. The course was interesting and very useful, and the trainer Rob was engaging and informative and made the time pass by very quickly. I would wholeheartedly recommend Plugtest to anyone who needs to be trained to test!

Ashley, Arden Construction, January 2022

Thank you for the great review Ashley, it's much appreciated.

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I attended the 2 Day City & Guilds in PAT Testing. Rob done an excellent job of teaching us & I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank You.

John, DB Broadcast Ltd, January 2022

Thank you for the review John and congratulations on your exam result.

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Rob was excellent ! Really informative and very helpful. I actually really enjoyed the course and learned alot in a short amount of time. Thank you Rob.

Andrew, Northamptonshire, December 2021

Great to hear you enjoyed the course Andrew. Thank you for the review, it's much appreciated.

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This course and the tutoring spot on, I found Robert very helpful and a very good communicator. I needed a refresher but feel I got more than that from the course.

Gary, Gl elelectrical, December 2021

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review Gary, it's much appreciated.

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The course content was perfect for our needs and pitched at just the right level. Professional and well presented. Highly recommend for any one to do there own in house Pat testing

Mark, Eaton Valley School, November 2021

That's great to hear Mark. Thank you for the review.

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Many thanks for your informative pat test course. This course instructs the attendees on how to Pat test, and not just how to pass an exam. Well worth the money and time. Thank you very much.

Graham, P C Specialist, November 2021

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience Graham. It's very much appreciated.

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Very happy with the course content and delivery style. All questions fully answered even the basic ones.

Mike, Top Trains LLP, September 2021

Thank you for the review Mike. If you have any further questions or need any advice in the future, please feel free to get in touch.

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Brilliant course. Perfect for what I need it for. You don't have to be an electrician to pass the test. Perfect for in house testing. Basic yet thorough enough to understand the principles and also enough opportunity to practice.

Alnoor, Jubilee Court, August 2021

Thank you for the great review Alnoor, it's much appreciated.

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Great course I definitely recommend Plugtest to anyone looking for PAT test training. Rob is a great trainer, very knowledgeable and explains things clearly, and is not rushed so we could all understand. The course training booklet is very well written and is easy to understand and a great reference tool for the future.

Stephen, Cambridgeshire, July 2021

Thank you Stephen. This is really great to hear and thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

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Excellent course and venue. Rob the trainer is great communicator. He was able to get across the importance of the subject in a relaxed an easy manor which put everyone at ease. There is a little bit of maths to get your head around but again it was presented in a way which made it seem simple. All in all a great day and value for money.

Martin, Worcestershire, June 2021

Thank you Martin for taking the time to share your experience, it's much appreciated.

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Great course. Was made fun and easy to understand. Great team and glad I came here to learn.

Robert, Adcock Refrigeration, May 2021

Thank you for the great review Robert, it's much appreciated.

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Excellent course, would definitely recommend Plugtest to anyone looking for PAT test training. Other points: Rob is a great trainer, very knowledgeable and helps by explaining things clearly and is willing to go back over the course materials, so that we could all understand. I don’t think I would have passed first time without his help. The course training booklet is very well written and is easy to understand and a great reference tool for the future.

James, Cambridgshire, May 2021

Thank you James for the excellent review and congratulations on your exam result.

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An excellent two-day course that met and exceeded this candidate's expectations. TBH, I'd decided to go for the qualification not so much out of commercial necessity but more from a sense of wanting to keep "ze leetle gr-r-rey cells" going. Having been out of full-time conventional employment since 2004 (and self-employment since 2016), I was concerned that my speed of uptake might not be up to scratch ... but Robert's relaxed style of presentation quickly put my mind at rest. The topics were covered efficiently and effectively; the training resources were first-class and the venue/facilities were perfect. Robert's obvious and considerable experience means he has a natural flair for getting the message across as well as establishing a warm & friendly rapport with & between all those attending. Update 13/5: Kewtech SmartPat ordered!! ('I say, Carruthers, be a good chap & give the cat another goldfish, please')

Guy, Nymrod Associates, May 2021

Thank you Guy for taking the time to leave such a great review, it's much appreciated.

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Today I completed the PAT test course with Rob as my trainer. Very likeable bloke, made it fun but drummed home the important issues, made it easier to understand and went over it if anyone didn’t quite get it the first time. Great course, top trainer Many thanks.

Matt, M2U, May 2021

Thank you for the great review Matt, it's very much appreciated.

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Robert is a Very good teacher! if you find your having trouble understanding any part of the course he'll explain in easy terms ..... Excellent Training and course work, Very easy to understand.

Terry, Miriad, March 2021

Thank you Terry for taking the time to leave a review and completing the feedback form, it's much appreciated.

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From start to finish it was a pleasure to deal with plugtest. Fully recommend this company to everyone.

Mitch, Birmingham, March 2021

Thank you for the great review Mitch.

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Great course well presented by Rob giving us all the information required to enable us to be successful. Will recommend to others. Thanks again Rob

John, Spires Accommodation, March 2021

Thank you John for taking the time to leave us a review, it's much appreciated.

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Great course, very informative and feel very confident to carry out PAT testing duties!

Sam, React Specialist Cleaning, March 2021

That's great to hear Sam, thank you.

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A thoroughly enjoyable and educational course. Candidates put at ease straight away and all principles and theory explained in layman's terms, very easy to understand. All information explained well and consolidated ensuring everyone grasped all the points. The practical demonstrations were easy to follow, with full explanations and reasons given as they went along. Very easy to replicate successfully. Excellent course which I would recommend. Once I have some practical experience I will be making enquiries about the second half of the course.

Mark, LSM CoE School, March 2021

Great to hear you enjoyed the course Mark. Thank you for the great review, it's much appreciated.

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Excellent course presented well by Robert, especially given the delays caused by the COVID situation. Clear delivery in an easy to understand format, I highly recommend Plugtest and Robert.

Iain, Stafford, March 2021

Thank you for leaving the review Iain. It's great to be back running courses again now the lockdown restrictions have begun to be eased.

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Had a pat-testing course in Staffordshire. Very happy with instructor Robert. All questions were answered, everything was perfectly explained. High recommendations.

Armandas, Stafford, March 2021

Thank you for the review Armandas.

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I found the course to be excellent. Rob Bullimore the tutor had broad experience in PAT testing and managed to pass this and the information in the course on to us in a very easy style that presented a the detailed information in a way that was easy to digest and understand. Doing the prework reading the course notes before the course was essential, as then the 2 days was detailed revision, reinforcing the key information and gave time for detailed questions and discussion which really helped cement the key details and provide deeper and broader understanding. The practical testing was also very well explained and we had time to test and become familiar with many types of equipment. The only slight hiccup was that the course notes that were sent out to understand prior to the course and which were available for the course had been updated to the 5th Edition of the CoP, but the C&G course we had and Test was the last one based on the 4th CoP. I had to just take care to relearn the detail in some areas e.g. leakage test value for Protective conductor current, but as we had the 4th Edition of the CoP available for the course and available for reference in the test it was not a big issue, just an issue at the transition to the 5th Edition. Overall Great job guys and thanks Rob.

Chris, Skystone Consulting Limited, December 2020

Thank you for the excellent review Chris, we appreciate your feedback. We decided to update our training manual to the 5th edition as soon as possible during this transition period to provide a future reference based on the latest CoP. Apologies for the confusion. The City & Guilds exam will be changing over to the 5th edition in February.

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Excellent instructor and despite the covid helped greatly throughout the course.

Ray, TCN, November 2020

Thank you for leaving the review Ray, it's much appreciated.

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Good course, covered everything really well in a friendly environment. Knowledgable tutor. Nice training location.

Richard, RIS-Services, November 2020

Thank you Richard for leaving us a review, and also completing the feedback form.

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The course was excellant, well presented by the tutor and a good atmosphere. Classes not to big, only 5 when I was there, almost a 1 to 1 feeling. Would recommend this to anyone thinking of doing a PAT course. Well Done.

Raymond, Rolt Engineering Services Ltd, October 2020

Thank you Raymond for taking the time to leave us a review, it's much appreciated.

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This was the second time I have under taken this course, I have to say the tuition was much better than the previous course. Robert delivered the course at a steady pace and explained things in a very easy to understand way. I failed the first course by 1 mark with a score of 78. The explanation of the mathematics needed was at level that made it easy for the candidates to understand. Please ensure you pass on my thanks to Robert for his hard work and excellent teaching.

Martyn, Innov8, October 2020

Thank you for the review Martyn and congratulations on passing the exam with us. We'll pass on your thanks to Robert.

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I would just like to pass on my thanks to Rob Bullimore for his excellent training that he delivered on the C & G 2377-22 PAT Course which I attended and passed yesterday. Rob's delivery, both professional and explained in easy to understand language was delivered at a good pace, and plenty of time to recap and explain to an audience (of 8), many of us not having had any formal training for some time. I believe that Rob has actually done this work 'on the ground' before getting into the teaching of this subject which he knows inside-out. The course notes are extremely useful, and having the ability to obtain and read these, prior to the course commencing, I would say is a prerequisite. Rob's excellent knowledge of the C & G Exams enables him to pass on vital information and 'hints and tips' on how to give yourself the best chance of a good pass. There was a variety of PAT testing equipment for our group to practice on, so getting good experience of what is available in the 'real world'. COVID 19 precautions were sensibly adhered to, and the training site chosen in Bloxham Mill Business Centre was perfect. Thanks Rob for getting me through this exam, which will hopefully open up new opportunities (after very recent redundancy), and has added to my skill sets.

Ken, Oxfordshire, September 2020

Thank you Ken. Congratulations on passing the exam and thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

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Tutor was very good, made to feel at ease straight away. Tutor was very knowledgeable. Content speed was at a good pace. The suggestion in the pre course notes to read the file and the mock exam questions before attending was good advice. All in all I enjoyed the the course.

Simon, Ipswich, September 2020

Glad to hear you enjoyed the course Simon. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, it's much appreciated.

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Robert was an excellent tutor! He covered the course in great detail and enthusiasm. He was more than happy to go over anything that I didn’t understand. I now feel confident to put my practical knowledge into the real world. Would recommend this course to anybody wanting a PAT testing qualification.

Lauren, Just saying designs, September 2020

Thank you for the great review Lauren, it's much appreciated.

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Very well set out course. Clear and friendly tutor.

Peter, Conviron Europe Ltd, September 2020

Thank you for leaving the review Peter.

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Plugtest provide a very good website learning platform with guidance and help. The mock Exams are very good and help you to learn the knowledge you need to pass the exam. I would suggest for any one never having done Pat testing to do a few rounds of mock testing on the Plugtest site as it really does give you confidence and makes it so much easier to take the actual exam. The value of the course is good, you get a lot of training over two days for the C and G course. The Tutor I had Rob, was very good. Wealth of knowledge, able to answer all questions give advice on employment and equipment and was able to demonstrate the maths involved with great comfort so we all understood it a lot easier, so very helpful. Brilliant course, Brilliant website learning portal, friendly helpful and kept me informed of any changes. 5 Stars, will use again if i need a refresher.

Dave, Leicestershire, August 2020

Thank you Dave for taking the time to leave such a great review, it's much appreciated.

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I would just like to thank Robert. I have recently attended a PAT training Course @ Plugtest and thanks to the great training and tuition from Robert, have now passed my City Guilds 2377-22. I highly recommend Plugtest training to anyone looking to do a formal qualification in PAT (Portable Appliance Testing).

Mark, Lincoln, August 2020

Thank you for the great review Mark and congratulations on passing the exam.

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Excellent delivery by the trainer.

Jonathan, High March School, August 2020

Thank you for the review Jonathan.

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This was a very good course and covered everything that is needed to carry out pat testing I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to do pat testing.

John, Birmingham, July 2020

Thank you for the review John, and for also putting your review on Google, it's much appreciated.

Reply from Plugtest

Loved the course I really enjoyed and Robert was a pleasure and his wit was funny. Enjoyed and would recommend to anyone.

Mark, Lincolnshire Safety Solutions, July 2020

Thanks for the review Mark. Glad to hear you enjoyed the course.

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Excellent course content and well delivered by the tutor.

Stuart, SM Controls, July 2020

Thank you Stuart for leaving the review and completing the feedback form.

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A well constructed course that covered all the necessary areas, giving the time to students to comfortably ask questions, seek clarifications and get a clear answer at all points throughout the course.

David, Allaker Services, June 2020

Thanks for the review David. It's much appreciated.

Reply from Plugtest

Just completed the City & Guilds PAT Testing course (June 2020). I've done a small amount of appliance and equipment testing and thought it might be a good idea to get a recognized qualification. A search of Google directed me to Plugtest, and having read through their information and FAQ's, I was quite sure this was the way forward. Day one, an intro' to PAT testing, followed by some theory and examples, and then a practical session. Day two, a brief recap on day one, followed by a theory session before taking the practical assessment. After a brief lunch, we did the 50 question online exam. I found the course to be very informative, and I certainly came away from the course with a lot more knowledge than I arrived with. I feel more confident about the testing procedures, and more importantly for me, the recording of the results. The bottom line for me was a 100% pass mark, thanks to Robert B's tuition. So, if you're thinking of taking a PAT testing course, talk to Plugtest!

David, Electromek Ltd, June 2020

Thank you David for the great review and congratulations on your excellent exam result. Thank you for also putting your review on Google, it's much appreciated.

Reply from Plugtest

Rob was great with anything any of us asked, had great knowledge and understanding of the books we were using. More than happy to go into as much detail as we needed and slowly as needed. Pleased to pick the course with you.

Ben, Stafford, March 2020

Thank you Ben for taking the time to leave us a review, it's much appreciated.

Reply from Plugtest

Perfect class learnt a lot 5*****

Mohammed, Student Cribs, March 2020

Thank you for the review Mohammed. It's much appreciated.

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I really enjoyed the course. Rob was a great instructor. Would definitely recommend you train through this company.

Richard, Stafford, March 2020

Thank you Richard. Glad to hear you enjoyed the course.

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I was really impressed training with Plugtest. The content and preparation given to us was spot on. Rob is an excellent tutor and the course proved really entertaining and educational. All aspects from course booking through to the venue, lunch and general arrangements were great. As far as I’m concerned Plugtest delivered everything I could have asked for to ensure success in my PAT training. Money well spent in my opinion and I can heartily recommend Plugtest for your PAT training needs. Must also mention the blog items in the Plugtest website. Excellent material.

Chris, Holcroft Services, March 2020

Thank you Chris. This is really great to hear and thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

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The course was conducted in a very professional manner within pleasent surroundings. A really enjoyable experience.

Phill, TNC Limited, March 2020

Thanks for the review Phill. Glad to hear you enjoyed the course.

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This is a well presented and informative course. Excellent.

John, Ipswich, February 2020

Thanks for the review John. It's much appreciated.

Reply from Plugtest

Great course led by a very knowledgeable instructor.

Lee, Ipswich, February 2020

Thank you for the review Lee.

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The pre-course information helped me gain some background knowledge prior to the course. Having known nothing on the course 24 hours before it started I was taught well, understood the content and passed the exam. Sign of a successful course and trainer if you ask me!

Rachel, Timico Ltd, January 2020

Thank you for the great review Rachel and congratulations on passing the C&G exam.

Reply from Plugtest

Great course, well paced and good class size.

Dave, Colsec Ltd, January 2020

Thank you Dave for taking the time to leave us a review, it's much appreciated.

Reply from Plugtest

Excellent course. While using a PAT tester may be fairly straight forward, understanding why the tests are needed and how to interpret the results are essential. Robert made you feel relaxed from the start and always had time to answer any questions that one had, without making you feel stupid. I must say that having done a few of the mock C&G exams before hand I was able to relax a lot more in the exam and hence read the questions properly without panicking. Food was excellent and would thoroughly recommend this course. Enjoyed it so much I bought the Company!!!, well one of their PAT testers anyway!

Andy, Glosjob Handyman, January 2020

Thank you for the great review Andy and glad to hear you enjoyed the course.

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Great course, well organised. I found it more difficult and extensive than expected but, the way that the mock exams were pitched I was ready for the exam and passed with high marks! Robert our tutor was knowledgeable and a good teacher, with a sense of humour, which always helps. Good course, great value for money. Even the lunch was good!

Chris, CM Building Management Ltd, January 2020

Thank you for the review Chris and congratulations on a great C&G exam score.

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Have had an enjoyable two days with Robert, very satisfied with the course and it’s presentation. Venue and facilities were very good, just a pity regarding the weather. Would recommend your facility to anyone needing this qualification. Thanks very much.

David, Mimeo UK, December 2019

Thank you for your review David and glad to hear you enjoyed the course. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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I would like to praise Rob and plug test on my experience at the FDC Centre and the pat test course. Rob made everybody welcome and immediately had everyone at ease. He was able to make the subject both interesting and easy to learn with a brilliant sense of humour thrown in. Highly recommend.

George, Daisy lettings, November 2019

Thank you George for taking the time to leave us a review, it's much appreciated.

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The course content was complete and where necessary demonstrations were performed. The venue had ample parking and facilities for everyone's needs. The only negative is the overhead lighting was a little too bright and reflected off the paper work. Being picky, there are also a few typos in the documentation.

Patrick, Avtel UK, October 2019

Thank you for your feedback Patrick. We will correct the typos that have slipped through and see if there is any way to improve the lighting.

Reply from Plugtest

Rob presented the content in an enjoyable manner. A good mix of theory and practicals giving us confidence to take on the assessment and exam. Rob clearly knows the topic well.

Dan, Nottingham, September 2019

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a review Dan.

Reply from Plugtest

Covered all we needed to know, with good humour along the way! Instructor was very knowledgeable and explained things well.

Peter, Hutton All Saints Primary School, September 2019

Thank you Peter. This is really great to hear and thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

Reply from Plugtest

Robert is the guru of PAT Testing. Huge amount of knowledge fantastic teacher, I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone wishing to gain further knowledge in the PAT testing field.

Mark, Barnsley, September 2019

Thank you for the great review Mark.

Reply from Plugtest

The course was very well presented and all documentation supplied was spot on, even someone like me who had no prior knowledge of this area was able to quickly pick up what was needed to pass.

Stephen, Melett Ltd, September 2019

Thank you for the review Stephen and congratulations on passing the C&G exam.

Reply from Plugtest

Very pleased with the exceptional standard of the training course. Robert explained all aspects very clearly & dealt with all questions in a friendly & helpful manner. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Adrian, Milton Keynes, September 2019

Glad to hear you enjoyed the course Adrian.

Reply from Plugtest

I enjoyed the course and achieved my goal which was to obtain the C&G. Not sure I have the confidence to rush out and start PAT testing yet though. Items supplied by fused spurs not covered at all, yet all too commonly found, particularly in rented domestic, I wouldn’t know how to test. Revision material was excellent but the mock exams online, were not available once the course had started. I would have liked to have used them after day one to practice but couldn’t, other students also confirmed the same.

Nigel, Birmingham, September 2019

Glad you enjoyed the course Nigel. Thank you for your feedback, we have now fixed the issue with the mock exams. I have sent you an email regarding testing fixed appliances. Remember you can always give us a call, or drop us an email, if you need any help or advice when you come to carry out the testing.

Reply from Plugtest

Great course, the 2 days was just the right amount of time to get a pass.

Darren, Primarysite Ltd, August 2019

Thanks for the review Darren and congratulations on your pass.

Reply from Plugtest

Really informative course which was made enjoyable by the tutor who knew his stuff without having to refer to notes of any kind.

Stuart, Alysia Caring, August 2019

Thanks Stuart. We agree, Robert really does know his stuff!

Reply from Plugtest

Very good course, easy to take it all in and pass the course.

Tim, APSS, August 2019

Thanks Tim and congratulations on passing the C&G exam.

Reply from Plugtest

Excellent course well presented, thank you.

David, Lincoln, August 2019

Thank you for the review David.

Reply from Plugtest

Thank you for an enjoyable 2 day course. For someone who has always hated sitting for exams, Robert made the whole experience feel a lot easier than expected. Well done.

Chris, Cambridgeshire, July 2019

Glad to hear you enjoyed the course, Chris.

Reply from Plugtest

The course was really well constructed, Rob is a great tutor who really knows the PAT testing industry and code of practice to a T. As with any level 3 course it can fry your brain but Rob made it fun aswell as instructive, having the course notes to revise beforehand really helped too. My overall opinion is that im glad I went with Plugtest!

Craig, Birmingham, June 2019

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this review.

Reply from Plugtest

Robert helped deliver what could have been a tedious subject into a positive clear experience with humour and engaging rhetoric. Good practicle demonstrations with clarification on all relevant aspects. Many thanks.

Nick, Francis Crick Institute, June 2019

Thanks for sharing your review with us.

Reply from Plugtest

Very good, clear and simple to follow. Pracital training matched the real world and what you find day to day while working.

Martyn, Larchwood Care Homes, June 2019

Thanks Martyn.

Reply from Plugtest

Well worth taking - precise matter of fact delivery by a very knowledgable tutor. Can't thank him enough.

Peter, Ipswich, May 2019

Thank you Peter. We will pass on your comments to the tutor.

Reply from Plugtest

Great course, great venue and a really well balanced course. I would recommend this course to any person that either already does PAT testing and needs a refresher, or any person that has never carried out any testing before hand. Robert, my instructor delivered the course in such a way that learners at any level would learn and understand the requirements whilst gaining sufficient knowledge to pass the exam if doing the 2 day course.

Kevin, Instalcom Ltd, April 2019

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review Kevin.

Reply from Plugtest

Very happy how the course went, it was very well presented by our instructor Rob. The web page gave you very good advice and was easy to sign onto the course. The online training manual was excellent and helped me understand what could be quite a difficult subject at times. Would highly recommend the course to anybody thinking about doing pat testing.

David, Barnsley, April 2019

Thanks for the great review David.

Reply from Plugtest

The course was more in-depth than anticipated with knowledge of electronic and electrical theory required. The course content flowed if you have the background knowledge otherwise it would be a struggle to comprehend.

Martin, Cambridgeshire, April 2019

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, Martin. There is quite a bit more to PAT testing than many people think!

Reply from Plugtest

As stated in my 'feedback' I would recommend this course to anybody involved in PAT. Your tutor was excellent and the course material was good to work with and made you look at your 'weak' areas.

Roger, Dalehead, April 2019

Thank you Roger for leaving the review and completing the feedback form.

Reply from Plugtest

The course was very good progressing at a pace to suit all levels of experience whilst creating an atmosphere of being able to ask any question without feeling daft.

Michael, MHSP Ltd, February 2019

Thanks Michael. If you have any questions when you come to carry out the testing, just gives us a call or drop us an email.

Reply from Plugtest

Fantastic course, the content and level was just right for all, providing more than enough training to be considered a competent person and to sit the C&G assessment and exam. The trainer (Rob) was approachable and willing to share anecdotes and practical examples within the scope of the training syllabus. Great venue with easy parking and venue facilities. A relaxed and friendly training environment. I would recommend you to anyone wanting this course and qualification.

David, Barnsley, January 2019

Thanks for the fantastic review David. It's much appreciated.

Reply from Plugtest

The 2 day City and Guilds Pat test training course was delivered very well by Robert, who made it very easy to understand the technical knowledge that was to be presented. He supplied us with well worded mock exam question papers that gave us a very good impression of the type of questions that we would face on the real exam. This highlighted to us that you must read the questions very carefully in the real exam as some of them are clearly written to trip you up. I feel that Robert did a very good job of preparing me for taking and passing the real exam. The training venue was easy to get to and comfortable with plenty of good food provided each day for lunch. I would thoroughly recommend Plugtest to deliver Pat test training.

Dean, Up Coastal, January 2019

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and congratulations on your exam result.

Reply from Plugtest

A great course delivered by an excellent trainer.

Andy, Able Fire & Security, December 2018

Thanks Andy.

Reply from Plugtest

Very impressed by the course content and delivery. Pace was about right to balance everyone's interests given that not everyone is going to know Ohm's Law at the start. I enjoyed the practical side the most, but the preparation for the C&G exam was essential. The mock papers got us all used to the C&G's odd way of expressing things and the (being honest) pedantic mindset needed to work through the code of practice to get the answers - this is something I wouldn't have paid much attention to otherwise. Rob did an excellent job and also took the trouble to answer some of my quite "niche" questions.

Chris, Worcester CAB, November 2018

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review Chris.

Reply from Plugtest

Great course which was excellently presented and structured. Thanks to my tutor Rob for guiding me through successfully. Highly recommended.

Alan, Barnsley, November 2018

Thank you Alan. We will pass your comments on to Rob.

Reply from Plugtest

An excellent course which was very well presented by the instructor.

Jacquie, LCC, October 2018

Thanks Jacquie.

Reply from Plugtest

I thought the trainer was knowledgeable, hands on and told us what we need to know without any faff. I felt that the trainer allowed me to work at my own pace and answered all questions that I had. I felt that it was worth me doing the course with Plugtest and will happily endorse Plugtest to my friends.

Brian, Cheshire, October 2018

A challenging but light hearted course, very well presented by the instructor. Class size was small enough for him to give focused help to those who needed it. A wide range of testers were available to try in the practical session. Good venue in a lovely location. Enjoyed the overall experience. A++++.

Greg, Leicestershire, October 2018

Fantastic course. Tutor was very knowlgeable on the subject and made it fun.

Gary, Chelmsford, September 2018

An excellent course, thorough and with the right mixture of talks and practical activities.

Alan, Kent, September 2018

I had very limited experience with electrics and appliances prior to the course and despite reading the course notes I still felt anxious about attending and out of my depth. The Instructor simplified the information and making it not only easy to understand, but interesting.

Victoria, Bluebird Care, August 2018

Plugtest's 2-day In Service Inspection and Testing course was a very comprehensive and well delivered course. With an electrical background, it was easy to pick up the concepts and theory required to undertake the course, with good documented pre-reading to assist too. The 2 day course was delivered by Rob, a friendly and clearly knowledgeable & experienced tester himself whose training delivery style was appropriately relaxed, supporting a great, non-threatening learning atmosphere. There was a good mix of test equipment available to try along with superb examples of all types of user equipment for testing. This was also a well priced course compared to most other similar providers. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you Plugtest!

Graham, Cambs Technical Services Ltd, August 2018

The course was very well presented and the training materials were excellent. Rob was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. On the whole, the course was a very pleasant experiance.

Ibrahim, Birmingham, July 2018

Very good all round.

Ben, Oxford, July 2018

Excellent course delivered by a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer. Enjoyed the two day course to successfully gain the City & Guilds qualification. Highly recommended.

Steve, Leicester, June 2018

Rob was a great instructor who put everyone at ease, his teaching methods were 1st class which resulted in everyone passing with flying colours. I would highly recommend the plugtest course for anyone thinking of going into pat testing.

John, Northamptonshire, June 2018

Covered everything well.

Calum, Clearview Imaging Ltd, May 2018

In my opinion I think the course was very well presented. It was kept simple with the health and safety being broken up by practical work and multiple tea breaks. It was made as simple as possible and was enjoyable.

Scott, Norwich, May 2018

Brilliant course was kept well informed and entertained by the instructer Rob

Nicholas, Derby, April 2018

Everything not only excellent but also enjoyable: the teacher was both excellent and dynamic but natural and genuinely friendly at the same time. The venue was also extremely comfortable so also helped the learning. The food and coffee were also most acceptable. No problems at all - only gratitude. Thank you very much Robert; thank you very much Plugtest!

Andrew, Oxford, April 2018

This course was brilliant, the instructor made it enjoyable and informative. It was located perfectly and I feel confident to use my skills in the future.

Luke, Lincoln, April 2018

Robert certainly new his stuff, very good tutor, I learnt some new things and helped retrieve the knowledge I had done forty years ago.

John, Norwich, March 2018

Very informative course. Training was informal and a good balance of theory and practice. This also enabled me to choose the testing equipment I wish to purchase and for others on the course to learn how to use the equipment at site more easily. Robert the instructor ensured that the important aspects of the requirements were clearly defined and explained.

Mark, Melshec Ltd, February 2018

Robert had a lot to teach and kept the level of formal to informal just right. Thanks Dennis.

Dennis, Oxfordshire, February 2018

Robert is a very good teacher and made learning fun which always helps!

Simon, Bancrofts School, February 2018

Excellent course I had no previous knowledge about electrics but the course notes and test papers helped me a great deal. The training was easy to follow and understand passed C&G no problem. Would recommend plug test to anyone considering training. A big thank you.

Howard, Huntingdon, February 2018

Great course, very informative and well presented by Robert, with a dash of good humour thrown in. Nice lunch provided by the Ladies of the course location, shame the baked potatoes didn't appear :) . A few niggles with the Code of Practice book and a final exam question that baffled several of us on the course, including the instructor. Will recommend in future for further candidates in our company..

Keith, AAR International Waddington, February 2018

Very good. Instructor knowledge was very good. Only downside is where the venue is located. No train stations nearby.

Matt, Floorskills, January 2018

Great course, great guys, very accommodating. Lots of preparation for exams. Thank you!

E Swift, Cambridgeshire, December 2017

The course was very thorough and intense at times but Rob Bullimore made the whole experience enjoyable. Great course.

Neil, Oxford, December 2017

A well presented course in a relaxed atmosphere.

Richard, Oxford, December 2017

A very informative course with a very good trainer.

Peter, Oxford, November 2017

Excellent, the venue, the trainer. Robert, thank you I really enjoyed it.

Nacer, Oxford, November 2017

Learned some very useful stuff during the course and Robert made the learning easy. A good mix of practical and theory always works well. Two class days with a bit of homework day 1 pretty much secured a pass. Good value.

John, New Leaf Catering, November 2017

Excellent course, Rob is fantastic!

Michelle, Essex, October 2017

An excellent run course which was informative but easy to follow. Speed of course was just right and allowed for any areas that were giving concern to be dealt with in a professional manner. Would definitely recommend the course to all levels of expertise

Nick, Worcester, September 2017

Excellent quaint test centre in Huntingdon, albeit out in sticks, but easiliy found with the miracle of sat nav! Very well laid out course. In Robert you have good tutor and knows the IET code of practice inside out. You are well looked after with tea and coffee (instant and filtered!), good selection of food (sandwiches, sausage rolls, quiche etc) walkers crisps, branded cola etc. A real treat was the muffins and doughnuts! All in all, a very satisfied customer, and would recommend plugtest to anyone wishing to add PAT to their repertoire.

Ben, Cambridgeshire, September 2017

Excellently laid out course. The tutor robert bullimore did a great job bringing out the main points. The course flowed easy with step by step points to understand. Plenty of time to ask any questions . All in all wonderfull. Thanks plugtest.

Andrew, Preston, August 2017

A very well presented and informative course. My five star rating says it all.

Terry, Harling Engineering Services Ltd, August 2017

A well worthwhile course providing essential information and clarification needed for competent inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

Paul, R Hamilton & Co, August 2017

Great course. Covered everything I needed to know for PAT Competency. Well delivered by a very knowledegable trainer. I would thoroughly recommend plugtest for PAT courses.

Deborah, fizzBus, July 2017

Good 2 days course well put together and well presented by Robert Bullimore good mix of hands on and book work that broke the day up nicely. All in all A1

Jason, Hawthorn Theatrical Ltd, June 2017

Training was delivered in a friendly informative manor. Thanks Robert.

Mark, Cambridgeshire, May 2017

As a novice the course and it's delivery by Peter was perfectly tuned at a pace that made it possible to learn and know where to find information that I may not have retained at a later date. Venue was perfect also. Many Thanks, John

John, Gizmo Display Services, May 2017

As an electrician by trade, I found it very simple due to understanding the electrical theory already. That being said, certain aspects of procedure are slightly different and was informative. In terms of frequency and documentation, again very informative as being a tradesman, we have our equipment checked yearly but never knew about the other appliance legislation. If I was someone outside of the electrical industry I would have enjoyed the course. Rob was fantastic, kept everything simple and helped as much as he could throughout each process. Paying attention to the proper procedure for carrying out the PA testing really helped myself and no doubt every other participant.

Max, Sovereign Housing, May 2017

Thank you, the training course was excellent. I felt I had come out from the training having learnt something, no mean feat at my age :) Robert was very thorough and explained things in a way we could understand as some of the literature from the book was confusing. I will be looking into the 2nd days course to upgrade my qualification in the near future. Thanks again Robert.

Dennis, Danbro Accounting Ltd, April 2017

I would highly recommend this training course. The way the instructor Robert breaks everything down into plain English and explains it, clearly shows experience in the industry. I did not have a great deal of technical knowledge prior to attending the course and I have dyslexia. I passed the exam after the two day course, I would recommend booking early and getting your course booklet to study before you attend also get your own copy of the IET code of practice and read it.

Colin, Preston, April 2017

Excellent course and superb teaching skills from our Tutor which helped someone like me to gain a pass with very little previous electrical experience. Highly recommended.

Richard, Barnsley, April 2017

Very good course, very well presented by Robert who obviously knows what his talking about, very helpful, fully explaining and questions or queries thrown at him. Venue was ok, little bit small but adequate for the number on the course, well looked after with refreshments though.

Travis, Magnox, March 2017

What a great day , I am a novice in most electrics and found the course both interesting and informative. It was broken down into a style that I could easily understand and put into practice. There was no pressure at all and the whole class was relaxed and gave input where required, all the questions were answered and reasons given why. AAAA++++++++ for plugtest

Richard, Hampshire, March 2017

Having attended the course 20/21 March I can say that the course is of a very high quality, excellent facilitation by Rob. The standard of teaching was excellent so I felt fully prepared for the practical assessment and examination. I would be more than happy to recommend the course to anyone contemplating undertaking PAT Testing.

David, PATPLUS Burntwood, March 2017

Excellent course well presented and easy to follow would recommend this course to anyone interested in PAT Testing.

Tom, Raedwald IMS Ltd, January 2017

A great course, professionally presented! Although the amount of information to be absorbed made our heads spin at times, Rob did a great job of explaining it simply and breaking it down into bite sized chunks interspersed with regular tea breaks! Would thoroughly recommend Plugtest for anyone considering a PAT Testing course. Only note of disappointment was lunch! I feel that describing a trip to the sandwich van or nearby burger van at the Ipswich venue as a "buffet lunch" is perhaps a little fanciful??? Maybe I was expecting too much after reading all the complimentary comments on your website reviews about the lunches at other venues!!!

Terry, Tolly Paving Ltd, January 2017

With no previous electrical training I found the course technically challenging, however due to the superb training provided by Rob I was able to quickly assimilate the knowledge required to pass the course.

Wayne, Staffs & W.Mids (NS) ACF, November 2016

Enjoyable course. Well presented by a knowledgeable person, who kept it light and flowing. Made better by passing of course, but still good.

Gary, Lincoln, November 2016

Very enjoyable and informative, more to pat testing then I ever thought.

Tony, St Neots, October 2016

This was an excellent course given by a very capable tutor who new his subject inside out. Generally I have struggled to learn in a class situation from my school days, preferring good books because I need time (and often several passes) to understand the information. Some people are very quick at assimilating ideas and moving on. Not me. Rob understood that people learn at different rates. His measured pace and constant emphasis on important points suited me admirably. I wish tutors had this style of presentation back in my schooldays and much later uni level courses. I was very happy with my C&G Pat Testing course and the examination facilities and would not hesitate to recommend Plugtest to anyone wanting to achieve the C&G qualification.

Gordon, Cambridgeshire, September 2016

The course was very informative and very well delivered.

Ben, HFT, September 2016

I have just completed the C & G 2 day P.A.T course at Wheatley (Oxfordshire). I would like to say what an excellent course it was. Any exam worries were soon gone due to the top tutoring from Robert Bullimore. He delivered the course in such an easy to understand way even when some of the information was a bit heavy for the non experienced (Myself). I would recommend this course and company to anyone thinking of learning about this field of work. The lunch was pretty good as well.

Brian, Oxfordshire, August 2016

This course is excellent, whether you opt for the Competent person certification of the full City and Guilds course and exam. The tutoring uses real world examples to learn and practice PAT testing on different types of equipment that you are likely to come across in the real world. The theory used of in the C&G course is clearly explained and if anyone has questions, they are answered quickly and accurately. If anybody is considering doing with course, I could not recommend this more. 5 Stars? Easy

Mike, MjM Data Recovery Ltd, July 2016

I thought the course was very good also the course tutor Robert Bullimore was excellent and very knowledgeable about the subject. oh! and the buffet lunch was very good as well.

Neil, Peterborough, July 2016

The course was very well presented & the lecturer Robert was very knowledgeable on all aspects of the subject. He guided the attendees through the whole PAT testing process which gave me the confidence to carry out the online exam. Well done Robert !!

Mervyn Ferguson, Director, MHL Associates, July 2016

An excellent course well presented by Robert Bullimore. The two days were interesting and well run and at the end we were well prepared for the exam.

Chris, C.J.M. Pat Testing, July 2016

A great course, well paced and presented by a very knowledgeable and proficent course leader. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone wishing to achieve a City and Guilds qualification in Pat Testing.

Bill, Lincoln, June 2016

I would just like to say a big Thank you to Rob Bullimore for the excellent way in which he conducted the course over the 2 days I was there, he has the patience of a saint as some of us (me included) were struggling to grasp the concept of Portable appliance testing, once again thank you, oh and before I forget the Buffet was also excellent.

Drew, Hungerford Primary Academy, June 2016

Great course and would reccomend.

Woody, Birmingham, May 2016

Excellent course and great teacher! Found it very easy to understand and pass the course thanks to the exceptionally good teaching. Rob also made a pretty dull subject interesting and entertaining! Thank you!

Andrew, Dero Fabrication Limited, April 2016

The course was presented in a very professional way and Robert's manner was very friendly and approachable with answering questions and class discussions. What impressed me the most was Robert's intimate knowledge of the subject and the learning material. I liked also the simplicity of the explanations for the less- and non-technical candidates and I found the practical aspect of the course extremely useful too. Genuinely, one of the best courses I have ever attended.

David, Norwich, April 2016

I highly recommend this course with Plugtest for the training for P A T testing to C&G standards, First Class.

John, J R Portable Appliance Testing, April 2016

Great course, impressively presented (word for word from a book that WASN'T used for reference!!). Robert clearly knows what he is talking about and presents in a clear manner that instantly puts you at ease. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone thinking of taking up PAT testing as a trade.

Lee, Ipswich, April 2016

I would just like to say a big “Thank You” - to you and your trainer Robert Bullimore who delivered the Pat Testing course here at Abbey Wood 29th March 2016. It was delivered in sizeable chunks and made interesting and very informative. I am looking to organise another training session in the near future and will not hesitate to use Plugtest again.

Lindsey, Carillionamey, March 2016

Robert made our 2 days both informative and fun. I personally found the amount of information needed to consume quite a task, but Robert stuck to it and pushed us with the required information to help us attempt the City and Guilds exam. The course is run professional, with a relaxed atmosphere, equipment and example appliances to test are plentiful, and information and help is none stop. Drinks, snack, and lunch was great. At 50 years of age I was a little apprehensive. But I managed to pass the qualification. Thank you Robert. Regards Phill.

Phillip, Stafford, March 2016

Relaxed atmosphere, good resources and very well presented, found the whole to days a pleasurable learning experience.

Stephen, Hampton College, March 2016

Well thought out made learning easy and made to feel at ease with the whole process.

Alan, Leicestershire, February 2016

Communication from the start was great, the company quickly and efficiently booked me into the course and kept me informed all the way. The coordinator, Robert was and is excellent at his job. The man is a walking IET encyclopaedia. He's knowledge, his pace and sense of humour deserve top marks. The venue was easy to get to and lunch was thrown in. I'm not sure why people would want to go anywhere else. A BIG THANK YOU.

Zoma, Oxfordshire

Very well run course with excellent tutor .

Mervyn, Isocool Ltd

Rob B kept the course interesting and relevant. Course well presented and laid back. Information booklet provided for future reference very useful.

Phil, Boswell

Came on the course with a basic knowledge of what PAT was about, but never actually done any. By the end of the first day I was wondering if taking on a C&G qualification was too much without having a background knowledge of the subject, but the tutor, Rob, did an excellent job helping me through and showed a real understanding on the subject and also helped to simplify certain aspects as and when. Obviously chuffed to have now passed and looking to putting the theory and practical knowledge to good use and would highly recommend those who want a more in-depth understanding to consider sending their employees on the C&G.

Mark, Priory Ruskin Academy

The course was very informative. The tutor Rob Bullimore was excellent. His method of explaining made everything easy to absorb. I can honestly say that I have not enjoyed a course as much. I would recommend this to anyone.

Al, Chapel St Leonards Parish Council

I did the 2 day PAT testing course and enjoyed it thoroughly. Be warned though that it was a lot of information... you can get lost if you have not read the PDF guide a couple of times. I managed to follow along fine and understand the course even though I do not deal with this side of electrics, the tutor (Rob) was very knowledgeable and knew the Code of Practice from memory.... impressive. Make notes on the course and learn them. It is an open book test but you still need to know where to go..... use the index! The test was good although some slyly worded questions so needed to take time in reading them. The course itself was enjoyable, the snacks and coffee machine was nice... all very informal. Not too many of us on the course so it enabled us to get lots of attention when testing. Glad to have passed 1st time, thanks Rob and thanks PLUGTEST...

Stephan, Hilldene Primary School

A very informative course with excellent tutoring, our trainer Rob was very knowledgeable and informative. The training centre in Derby was well situated and the lunch was excellent.

Craig, Cabalink Networks Ltd

I found the course informative and presented in a manner to allow me to pass, with no previous experience. My concerns over the exam were eased by the instructors techniques of imparting knowledge in an informative and easy to ingest manner.

Paul, CPH Environmental Ltd

Very interesting course, very informative and in-depth. Well presented and conducted by the trainer. Came away feeling confident and ready to commence testing. The only criticism I might have is that I would have preferred the trainer to reign in the the group jokers just a little more. I'm happy to have a bit of a laugh now and again but sometimes found it a bit hard to concentrate during the technical maths section of the course. Otherwise, greeat.

Troy, Adults Supporting Adults

Great course, I had very little electrical knowledge but Robert is really good at explaining everything. Very informative and helpful. It helped all of us to get a good knowledge of why, what and how to PAT test equipment. Rob was very knowledgeable on the subject and able to answer all the questions.

Sue, Cambridge Consultants

All students were at different levels of knowledge but was made enjoyable. Rob the lecturer was great and very helpfull. Good to have a lecturer that does the job so can given honest opinions and advice. Course was a fair price and would recommend PlugTest to anyone.

Oliver, Goode-Elec

I found the course to be informative but managed in a friendly, casual atmosphere. The instructor was knowledgeable and approachable with good practicle experience of the subject. The pace of the tutorials was set so as to be acceptable to candidates of all ages and experience. I feel however that the course could be improved if the instructors had more hands-on examples of where equipment has failed and possibly a greater range of items to actually test so as to give the candidates more confidence. As an overall training experience I found it to be good value.

Ian, Derby


Alwyn, AMH Film & Tv Services Ltd

Very happy with the knowledge gained from Robert cheers.

Richard, Hedley Solutions Ltd

An excellent course.

Mick, Hedley Solutions Ltd

I have already e mailed Robert to thank him and say thank you for his patience I really enjoyed the course and learnt alot too.

Sue, Peterborough

Rob was excellent and new his subject. Brilliant course, would recommend it to anybody.

Dave, Ambleside

Concise, precise and provide exactly what was needed to understand and become comfortable in persuing adequate PAT Testing for my company.

Michael, Gillingham Jumpers Trampoline Club

I attended C&G 2377-22 course run by Plugtest. The instructor called Terry was excellent, he imparted the information in a professional manner while managing to make it entertaining. The venue at Sparsholt Agricultural College was good (love the smell of the countryside!) and the lunch provided was good. Certificate was a bit slow coming but I put that down to the fact it was Christmas and City and Guild being on holiday? Thoroughly recommend Plugtest.

Roy, Swindon

I would recommend plug test for PAT training without hesitation. The course was conducted in a fast and friendly manner and the training was very comprehensive. Added to the the offer of support after training is very welcome.

Brian, Peavey Electronics Ltd

A good course overall, very well presented in a thorough and understanding way with practical examples both theory and hands on. The theory and its relevance was very well covered and I left feeling a lot more confident. Updated my knowledge of the legislation which was good.

David, Sheffield

Course was fine. And the lecturer was very interactive. It was not an easy course but having finished it, it feels that it was worth it. Exams were challenging. Study material was sufficient though the Code of Practice is very confusing by nature.... In general I enjoyed the course and I would strongly recommend it.

Joao, Serco, Derby

Excellent location (Huntingdon) and very in depth course, nothing too much trouble, really enjoyed it and it was great to get the City and Guilds at the end.

Stephen, Kettering

I wouldn't normally write a review on a course I had been on, however in this case I will. On attending my course venue I immediately found the tutor there to greet all attendees with a smile, cup of tea and a biscuit ...Good start ...There was just 6 people on the course so you got that one to one from the tutor if needed, each section of the course was broken down into plain non complicated English and easy to understand diagrams, there was a friendly relaxing attitude to the course and no pressure, practical examples to testing, mock exams and your own practical followed, needless to say after the 2 day course(excellent lunches!!) the exam was taken and all 6 of us passed. Plugtest are with their courses in the words of Tina Turner "Simply The Best".

Paul, PATLEC, Sheffield

The course was very informative, the instructor made it very interesting and easy to understand. I would certainly recommend the course to others who are interested.

Stephen, Walker Timber, West Lothian

Excellent course with the main aspect concentrating on the practical side of PAT testing and the problems likely to be encountered in doing so. Very knowledgeable trainer and a very informal atmosphere made the learning process a lot easier. Also the food was very good and the whole thing was excellent value for money. My only criticism would be that it was a little difficult to find the actual building once we got there, and although there was signage, it was not very obvious.

Gordon, Coventry

Excellent course, great result and superb support afterwards when I needed it. Excellent value with good course material, knowledgeable trainer and lunch included. I would recommend the PlugTest PAT training course.

Gordon, Bedfordshire

Fully knowledgable course from start to finish. Very easily explained, even if you are not a trained electrician beforehand. Fully recommend Plugtest for training in PAT testing. Highly freindly, fully knowledgable cannot express enough.

David, Emerald House Services, Northants

Very well structured course and presented well. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it fullfilled all of my goals at that time. I would recommend Plugtest for training.

David, DEC Engineering, Sheffield

I enjoyed the course, which was conducted in a relaxed informal manner, but systematically covered the subject. It greatly helped having already read the course manual and IEE Code of Practice, which meant I had my questions already prepared. Speaking to the other participants it appeared that some had been sent on the course by their employers and didn't even know of the existence of these documents, which put them a disadvantage. Perhaps you need to emphasise the value of reading these documents beforehand.

Peter, Cumbria

Great course well worth the fee, explained in clear terms with good practical examples which made it easy to understand. Great facilities and lunch.

David, Bedford

I would recommend Plugtest to anyone, The manual they emailed me is very good It enabled me to study and test myself before going on the course. The tutor on the day of the course was very good and made things easy to understand. It was all very friendly & nothing seemed to much trouble. The buffet supplied was very nice & plentiful & tea & coffee was available all day. I pass my test with 100% pass thanks to Plugtest, & the cherry on the top was that it was the cheapest course out of all the companies that run these courses. I recommend them 100%

Bill, Gillingham

Excellent course, informative, interesting and covered enough information for me to feel confident (& competent) when performing PAT tests. The course was well planned from booking at the start, to receiving the certificate at the end.

Tasos, Tyco, Romford

Excellent, well structured course. Lots of time to ask questions and lots of hands on practical training with a variety of PAT testing machines. Excellent training facility and instructor to match. I now have the skills and confidence to form my own PAT testing business.

Nigel, Bedfordshire

Excellent trainer, with good training skills, impressed with the materials supplied etc. The room a bit small for the amount of people in it. Only real negative was the trainer not asking for someone not to spend most of the morning, booking football tickets on his phone, was very distracting for other people on the course.

Darren, Van de Roos, Huntingdon

I attended this course with a basic knowledge of electricity and wondered if I might struggle. I need not have worried as your tutor Robert Bullimore led the day in a manner that made it very easy to take in the large amount of information that the course contained. I have to say that i thought the course was excellent and that I left feeling that I was competent to carry out PAT Testing in my place of work. Keep up the good work.

Geoff, James Hornsby High School, Essex, June 2011

A well structured event - Thank you. The venue is conducive to a good day - no noisy traffic or machinery clattering away to distract. The refreshments are superb - good coffee and an excellent buffet lunch. Getting a result on the day is great - no waiting for the postman to arrive.

Robert, Seco Tools, Warwickshire, May 2011

By far the best course I have attended in Years. Facilities, tutor, content were extremely good and well presented. Top marks and great value.

John, PRM, Cannock

An excellent course. Learnt loads and Rob was an excellent tutor. Facilities and food were good too.

Adriano, Mirror Image, Cambridge

Very Good Course, very informative.

Tom, ServiceMaster, Cambridgeshire

Very good course good pace and instructor kept it interesting, food was good as well.

William, Processors And Growers Research Organisation, Middlesex

Very enjoyable day, great tutor(Rob), relaxed surroundings.

Terry, Worcestershire

I thought the pace of the day was just right. Robert kept things moving along when covering aspects everyone was already familiar with but gave good in-depth responses to any questions on points raised with good practical examples and advice. Venue was very comfortable and food was a lot better than anticipated. Would recommend highly.

Brian, Middlesex

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Plugtest as everybody was very helpful from start to finish and I would recommend them as a PAT testing trainer. Rob was spot on with all the questions and his expert knowledge was amazing, it was like he knew everything!!!!!!! The training day was fast paced but enjoyable, the food was very good. Without Plugtests training I would still be unemployed as I was made redundant in August and now with the City and Guilds 2377 qualification I have started up my pat testing business. Thanks Plugtest.

Steve, Gunn's Portable Appliance Testing, Kent

The course attended was very well presented by a knowledgeable trainer who was able to give practical advice and instruction. There was a variety of testing machines available to carry out practical tests with and the trainer was able to offer an opinion for each without trying to sell the most expensive option. The training room provided was comfortable with plenty of refreshments available. Very good course and very well presented, would recommend to anyone!

Martyn, Belmont Press Ltd, Northampton

Excellent course. Robert kept it interesting and moving and was clear in what he was saying. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to others. Thanks

Alaric, The Sound Team, Cambridgeshire

I attended the course with no knowledge or experience of PAT testing and to be fair I came away more knowledgeable and confident in how to correctively, effectively and safely test equipment in line with the IEE regulations. Rob, the instructor clearly knew his craft and he explained the course content thoroughly. I must add that some of the C&G questions are a little ambiguous, however, this is a matter for C&G and not Plugtest. I received my C&G certificate only 12 days after sitting the exam. All in all a good course and I have already recommended two friends to study through you, any chance of commission????

Craig, Tacra-Test, Telford

I found the course that I attended, both informative & interesting. Held in pleasant surroundings. I think the two day course was best for older people like myself.

Robert, Cambridge

The pre-course material was excellent and good preparation for the actual course. The tutor explained everything clearly and was happy to answer any questions. We also had the opportunity to look at the various types of tester available. The Worcester venue was easy to find and set in lovely surroundings. The buffet lunch was excellent. I would be happy to recommend the course to others, both for the standard of teaching and the guarantee that the course would not be cancelled even if the course numbers dropped below the expected.

Jane, Powys

First I would like to thank Rob the tutor, 10 out of 10. The course was by far the best I have been on. I would highly recommend the 2 day course as it covers every aspect of pat testing. I've just done my first PAT for a company which I felt very confident doing thanks to Plugtest. Once again 10 out 10, cheers guys.

Paul, Fuzed PAT Services

Attended the 2 day course just as well more to PAT Testing than I realized. The course was well structured. The course notes were sent out before the course started which gave time to start thinking about studying again. Would have preferred more hands on instruction as this is a new venture for me, but saying that managed to get to grips with actual testing of the appliances. There was also a good selection of testers to choose from and this enabled me to choose the PAT Tester for my business. Recommend this course if you are thinking of starting your own PAT Testing service.

James, J.M. PATMAN

Very well presented course, with a good emphasis on the common-sense needed to perform testing. Also, the instructor in particular gave attention to those 'trappy' type of questions, which made the actual exam seem more straightforward. One small moan, I got lost on the way there, probably due to the lack of signposting around Beaconsfield services, so maybe special directions need emphasizing (I was using a RoutePlanner print-out too!).

Dave, Newgold Ltd, Surrey

I would just like to say what an amazing experience I had in completing this course. As the only female on the course I was made to feel very welcomed and at all times felt at ease. The tutor was excellent, his style of teaching was brilliant. I found it a very good two days and am very pleased that I did it. The environment in where the course took place was very relaxing and the food provided was very nice too. In all the whole experience is one I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Caz, South Yorkshire

Congratulations to Plugtest. The training facilities and the friendliness of the staff are first rate, from the very first meeting to the final farewell at the end of this 2 day course. Everything that was needed was provided from excellent training materials to nice lunches and free flowing refreshments. I had no formal experience of electrical work, some on the course had experience, this was no problem as Robert presented the course content in an excellent easy to understand way which was much appreciated.

Geoff, Hampshire

Great training day. Rob is a nice easy going guy who put all present at ease, whilst instilling the knowledge required.

Steven, Oxyjet UK, Lincolnshire

I enjoyed the day, excellent course. Rob was spot on, thanks again.

Paul, P.N.Electrical, Merseyside

I really enjoyed my PAT testing course and my trainer was really good. The first day I struggled to understand anything as I haven't even changed a fuse before but my trainer was so helpful and patient and worked hard to explain everything to me in more detail that I luckily passed the test and now I have 150 + plugs to test but got a pay rise out of it.

Holly, Torus Insurance, London

I trained with Plugtest in December 2009 and was very impressed with all aspects of the two day course. Our trainer (Robert) was an excellent trainer and thanks to him & his knowledge I passed the City & Guilds exam with flying colours. I would not hesitate to recommend Plugtest to anyone considering PAT training.

Richard, Homeleaves Energy, West Sussex

Very friendly environment to be able to walk into on your first morning. The course was well explained and never felt as if I couldn't stop him and ask if things could be explained again....and again.....and again (Sorry Rob). All questions were answered clearly and to the point. There was also plenty of info concerning which equipment to buy and what is best suited to our individual needs. The food was also first class. Thanks guys.

Matt, Swan Construction, Essex

Very well presented course, although the 2 days were pretty full on but worth it. Good teacher as well who explained things well and was very patient.

Laurie, Letserv Inventories ltd, Cambridgeshire

An excellent starter course for people with very little prior electrical knowledge. A lot of content to take in, all of which was explained clearly and in good detail. Thank you Plugtest, I wasn't expecting to get 100%!!

Chris, Midland Filtration, Nottingham

I found the Plugtest PAT testing course to be very informative. The training given was easy to understand and the practical demonstrations were invaluable. I would not hesitate in recommending this course to anyone.

John, ALN Printed Circuits Ltd, Birmingham

The one day City & Guilds Pat-test course was very intensive, but was conducted in an easy going format. Rob was extremely helpful and happy to explain on a one to one basis as and when required. The food and drink that was supplied was first rate. We would definitely use plugtest again in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking into training.

Dean, McVeigh Parker & Co Ltd, Kent

Very informative and helpful. It helped all of us to get a good knowledge of why, what and how to PAT test equipment. Rob was very knowledgeable on the subject and able to answer all the questions. The hands on time was very helpful for practice purposes and also to determine that our old equipment just is not good enough anymore for what we have to keep records of. Thanks for the help.

Sam, Wycliffe UK Ltd, High Wycombe

Our company is always looking at ways to reduce it's costs without affecting performance or safety. We had previously outsourced our PAT testing to a local company, but myself and a colleague were given the opportunity to undertake a course in this area so we could maintain our company's PAT testing. We contacted Plugtest, who were able to tailor a course for our needs, and also able to travel and perform the training on-site. The training was very clear and thorough, and even with very basic knowledge of electrical components prior to the course, we both left with a good understanding of what PAT testing exactly involved. I would highly recommend Plugtest to anyone who wishes to undertake a course in PAT Testing.

Johnathan, Ball Colegrave Ltd, Oxfordshire

I found the course to be of an excellent standard. The tutor was very knowledgeable and answered some awkward questions from me having been in the electrical business for more than 40 years.

Alan, AA Electrical, Kent

The course was both informative and enjoyable. I would recommend anyone to attend the formal course prior to taking the City & Guilds Exam and performing practical In-service Inspection and Testing. Even fully competent persons will gain something from the course with regard to working procedure and the requirements relating to documented records.

E Williams, EDI Services, Somerset

The course was excellent, really informative. The trainer was friendly and fitted everything into a hard 1 day course.

John, CRS Electrical Services, Wigan

Myself and one other from the company attended the 1 day City and Guilds course with Plugtest. The trainer was superb. He managed to clarify and get across everything we needed to know whilst making it a very entertaining day! I would recommend Plugtest training courses to anyone wanting to learn to PAT Test properly.

Keith, A&C Hamilton, Preston

I thought the coarse was well presented and that the information that was given to us was clear and well laid out. The buffet was also of a good standard.

Paul, Gaming Leisure Installs, Kent

I was a little apprehensive about taking this course as I had had very little electrical experience except what I remembered from physics at school some 30 years ago. I had no need to worry. From initial enquiries through to completing the course, the staff at Plugtest were as helpful as I could have hoped for. The training was carried out in very comfortable surroundings with a very happy and relaxed atmosphere. We were all well fed and watered and I enjoyed a good nights' accommodation at the local pub along with another couple of lads on the same course. Chinese was excellent. As for the course material, it was very well presented with plenty of practical hands-on testing. I was particularly impressed with our tutor (Robert) who would answer any question and would take the time to explain anything that was difficult to understand in a friendly and non-condescending manner, even though I was sure he'd been asked a thousand times before. He even took the time to recommend a suitable testing machine for any specific application that you had. In summary, I would highly recommend this course to anyone, no matter what experience they have. A first-class experience Plugtest. Thank you. Oh, and by the way, I passed!!

Mark, Proglaze Installations Limited, York

Very good course and i achieved what i went for (A Pass). Only think i could say would have been better if more actual testing was incorparated into the course. But overall very good. many thanks.

Andrew, APT Electrics, Birmingham

The course was very well run. It combined both an in depth theoretical training side with a practical session. The course lecturers were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and were able to answer any questions not only from the theory side but also from the experience of carrying out the work in the field. We were also well provided for during the day.

Richard, AV Services Limited, Essex

The course was very informative giving all necessary information needed for relevant testing. The instructor was very helpful and obliging.

Allan, Epton Leisure Limited, Norfolk

I found the course very useful as it explained the reasons why PAT testing is so important and the many pitfalls associated with this. The Trainer was also excellent as he performed many PAT tests and had many examples to illustrate the points raised helping the information gained sink in. In addition to this the trainer also spent time with me after the course showing me how to use the PAT tester my company had which was very valuable.

Andrew, Rail Door Solutions, Milton Keynes

Very useful and interesting course.

Dave, Vinci Technology Centre, Leighton Buzzard

I took part in this course as part of a way to furthering my future options. I was very happy with the teaching process. I started with very limited electrical knowledge I was helped in everything I needed in a friendly and professional way. Thank you.

Gavin, Iron Craft Creations, Hertfordshire

I found the course very relaxed and very informative. The tutor was very approachable. The pace of the course I found suited my learning speed in spite of my senior years. It is many years since I have attempted do such a course and at first I felt a little out of my depth in spite of my extensive electrical knowledge as a T.V. engineer, however the relaxed approach soon allowed me to find my feet. At the end of the day I felt that the experience had been worth while even if I had failed the exam. However its nice that I did not.

Len, Bourne Technical Services, Lincolnshire

All really good, very happy with the service, would recommend to anyone and would use them again.

Seth, Hamble Distribution Ltd, Ipswich

I found the site on the internet and although the venue was 89 miles from home the initial course description appealed to me and I booked on the next available course. I have attended many courses in the past and would not normally write a review. However this course was exceptional, it was very informative the content was well balanced between practical and theory. I particularly liked the practical sessions where we tested a variety of electrical appliances, many with well hidden faults to test our new skills. Nothing was too much trouble for the Trainer who gave me some excellent tuition on my own testing unit. 10 out of 10 for me, well worth the 89 miles and I would certainly recommend the course for both content and value for money.

Steve, Go Plant Ltd, Loughborough