Kewtech EZYPAT

£299.00 Ex VAT

£358.80 Inc VAT


The Kewtech EZYPAT is a battery powered manual PAT tester. It has single button automatic test sequences for Class I, Class II and extension leads, making it easy and intuitive to use. Test measurements are clear and easy to read thanks to the large backlit display. The Pass/Fail status is further enhanced by a green or red backlit screen. Test data and appliance information can be recorded using the accompanying KEWPAT app.

The EZYPAT can perform approximately 1,400 test on a single set of six standard AA batteries. The test lead is supplied with an interchangeable probe and croc clip. One great feature of the EZYPAT Plus is the ability to cancel the resistance of the test lead by simply pressing the Null button. The null value is stored even when the tester is turned off, so there’s no need to Null the lead resistance every time.

The EZYPAT performs the earth continuity test at 200mA, so it is safe to use on all equipment, including IT equipment. The test sequence for Class I and Class II equipment includes a substitute leakage test.

  • Key Features
  • Included Items
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Key Features

  • Earth Continuity tests at 200mA (IT safe)
  • 500V or 250V insulation test voltage
  • Extension lead test including polarity
  • Subtitute leakage test
  • Test lead nulling
  • Battery Powered (6 x AA Batteries included), approximately 1400 tests

Included Items

  • Manufacturer's calibration certificate
  • Two year warranty (Kewtech registration required)
  • Test lead with probe and croc clip
  • Extension lead test adaptor
  • Soft carry case
  • 6 X Alkaline AA batteries