110V Adaptor Kit

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Adapter kit for testing 110V equipment and extension leads with 16A yellow industrial connectors.

connecting 110V appliance to PAT tester
Connecting 110V equipment to a PAT tester

The appliance adaptor connects tools and equipment fitted with yellow 16A connectors to a standard PAT tester. This enables the earth continuity, insulation resistance and leakage tests to be carried out.

connecting 110V socket to PAT tester
Connecting a 110V extension lead to the PAT tester

The extension adaptor allows 16A extension leads to be tested. The adaptor connects the socket/coupler end of the extension lead to the IEC connector on the PAT tester. This creates a circuit enabling the earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity tests to be carried out.

connecting 16A socket to PAT tester
Testing a 110V extension lead

Battery powered PAT testers can safely test 110V equipment, but when using a mains powered PAT tester, some caution is needed to avoid inadvertently carrying out a leakage or load test at 230V, which will likely damage the 110V equipment under test. For regularly testing 110V equipment, we recommend the Kewtech Ezypat Plus, or Kewtech Smartpat, which can be connected to a 110V supply to safely carry out a leakage and load test at 110V.

Yellow industrial plugs and sockets are typically used for 110V power tools and other electrical equipment on construction sites in the UK. Sizes up to 125A are available, but 16A and 32A are the most often encountered whilst PAT testing. We also have a 32A 110V adaptor kit available.

These adaptors are constructed with BS EN 60309 industrial connectors made by PCE, a leading manufacturer of high quality connectors based in Austria.