110V 32A Adaptor

£20.00 Ex VAT

£24.00 Inc VAT


Adapter for PAT testing 110V appliances fitted with the larger 32 Amp yellow industrial plugs. 13A Plug to 110V yellow 32A industrial socket.

Yellow industrial plugs and sockets are typically used for 110V power tools and other electrical equipment on construction sites in the UK. This adapter is suitable for use with all PAT instruments that have a standard 13A socket, including the Kewtech KT71, Seaward Primetest 100 & 250, and Apollo models.

  • 32A CEE IEC 60309 Industrial coupler/socket
  • 110V 2P+E, 32A
  • Robust industrial socket - PCE, made in Austria
  • Moulded BS 1363 13A plug