3-Phase 32A 4-Pin Adaptor

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£26.00Exc VAT


Adapter for PAT testing 3-Phase equipment fitted with 4 Pin, 32A, red plugs.

3-phase adapter with test instrument
32A, 3-phase adaptor 4-Pin

Suitable for use with all PAT testers that have a standard 13A socket. Three phase equipment can be tested for earth continuity and insulation resistance using this adapter, but most test instruments are unable to carry out a 3-phase leakage, load or polarity test.

Three-phase power is most often used for industrial equipment and machinery. 3 Phase equipment may be wired in two different configurations, either star or delta. A delta configuration does not require a neutral conductor, so uses a 4 pin plug (3 phases + earth). A star configuration, sometimes referred to as a Wye or Y connection, usually has a neutral conductor and will therefore require a 5 pin plug (3 phases + neutral + earth). We also supply a 5-Pin 3-phase 32A industrial adaptor.

These adaptors are constructed with BS EN 60309 industrial connectors made by PCE, a leading manufacturer of high quality connectors based in Austria.

Please note, these adaptors are intended for electrical testing use only. They can not be used to power 3-phase equipment from a single phase, 230V supply.