13A Mains Plugs - 4 Pack

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UK mains plug for replacing damaged plugs, often found during PAT inspections. They are also useful for replacing foreign plugs to avoid the unnecessary use of adapters. We have a step by step guide on how to wire a plug

These plugs have a white Nylon (Polyamide) body and a screw type cord grip. They are fitted with a 13amp fuse, which is generally suitable for appliances rated at 700W or greater. For use on lower powered appliances, for example a lamp or radio, the fuse should be replaced with a lower value, usually 3amp. We have an article with more information on selecting the correct fuse size.

13A plugs should conform to BS 1363, the British Standard for plugs and socket outlets. They must have an approval mark and licence number to identify that they meet this standard. There are currently three Certification Bodies that can approve BS 1363 plugs, BSI, ASTA and Nemko. These plugs are approved by BSI and have the Kitemark and the Kitemark registration number.


  • BS 1363/A Plug
  • BSI Approval
  • White
  • 13A Fuse fitted
  • 4 Pack