Industrial Adaptor Kit

£168.00Inc VAT

£140.00Exc VAT


Industrial adapter set for testing 230V, 110V, and 3-phase appliances and extension leads with 16A and 32A CEE connectors. This industrial adapter set is suitable for use with all PAT instruments that have a standard 13A socket and IEC extension lead connector, including the Kewtech KT71, Seaward Primetest 100 & 250, and Seaward Apollo models.

This kit contains our complete range of 12 industrial CEE PAT adapters:

  • 110V 16A Appliance Adaptor (Yellow)
  • 110V 16A Extension Lead Adaptor (Yellow)
  • 110V 32A Appliance Adaptor (Yellow)
  • 110V 32A Extension Lead Adaptor (Yellow)
  • 230V 16A Appliance Adaptor (Blue)
  • 230V 16A Extension Lead Adaptor (Blue)
  • 230V 32A Appliance Adaptor (Blue)
  • 230V 32A Extension Lead Adaptor (Blue)
  • 3-Phase 16A 4-Pin Appliance Adaptor (Red)
  • 3-Phase 16A 5-Pin Appliance Adaptor (Red)
  • 3-Phase 32A 4-Pin Appliance Adaptor (Red)
  • 3-Phase 32A 5-Pin Appliance Adaptor (Red)

Made with PCE industrial connectors. PCE Austria is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of IEC60309 CEE connectors.