߷ Cloverleaf Adaptor

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Cloverleaf adaptor for testing C5 type cables often found on IT equipment such as laptops and projectors. Converts the Cloverleaf connector (C5) to a standard 13A IEC connector (C13). Can be used with all portable appliance test instruments with a standard IEC socket (C14).

laptop charger
Laptop charger with cloverleaf connector

IEC C5 and IEC C6 appliance couplers are commonly known as cloverleaf connectors. IEC refers to the International Electrotechnical Commission which publishes international standards for electrical and electronic equipment. The end attached to the cord set is the ‘Connector’ (C5) and the corresponding coupler incorporated into the equipment is the ‘Appliance Inlet’ (C6). Cloverleaf connectors are widely used on laptop chargers, projectors and monitors.

connecting the adaptor
Cloverleaf adaptor

The cloverleaf adaptor allows a cord set with a cloverleaf connector to be connected to the standard IEC C14 appliance inlet incorporated into most PAT test instruments.

using the adaptor
Testing a cable using the adaptor

When attached to the PAT tester, the standard earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity tests can be performed.