3-Phase 16A 5-Pin Adaptor

£21.60Inc VAT

£18.00Exc VAT


13A 230V to 16A 400V Industrial adapter for PAT testing 3 phase equipment fitted with 5 pin, 16A, red plugs. Three phase equipment can be tested for earth continuity and insulation resistance using this adapter and is suitable for use with all PAT testers that have a standard 13A socket, including the Kewtech KT71, Seaward Primetest 100 & 250, and Seaward Apollo models.

Three-phase power is most often used for industrial equipment and machinery. 3 Phase motors may be wired in two different configurations, either star or delta. A delta configuration requires only three wires to operate so can use a 4 pin plug (3 phase + earth). A star configuration may be wired with a neutral conductor and will therefore require a 5 pin plug (3 phase + neutral + earth). The majority of 3-phase equipment use industrial connectors rated at either 16A or 32A, but 63A and 125A connectors are also available.

  • 16A CEE IEC60309 Industrial socket/coupler
  • 5-Pin, 400V 3P+N+E, 16amp
  • Robust industrial plug - PCE, made in Austria
  • Moulded BS1363 13A plug
  • Warning - Can not be used for leakage or load testing.