Plug Wiring Course

This course is primarily aimed at companies and organisations that need to ensure their maintenance staff and other persons, have the skills and competency to correctly wire a plug. The course covers the different tools and techniques for stripping back and trimming wires, wiring different plug types, and selecting the correct fuse size. The course is run as a 3-hour practical workshop session. All tools, materials and training manuals are supplied. Delegates will receive a certificate of competence following a practical assessment. We can organise this course at your site or our training centre in Cambridgeshire.

Plug wiring course

Course Outline

  • 13A Plug & Socket Design Features
  • Cable Types
  • Class I & Class II Appliance Types
  • Selecting the Correct Fuse Rating
  • Wire Stripping Tools
  • Cable Preparation
  • Wiring Different Plug Types
  • Safe Disposal
  • Overloading & Overheating
  • Identifying Counterfeit Plugs & Fuses

wiring a 13A plug


Students will receive a certificate of competence following a practical assessment where they will be required to demonstrate that they can safely wire a 13A plug and select a correct size fuse.

combined with PAT course

Combined Training

We can also combine a plug replacement course with our onsite PAT Competent Person course. Please contact us for further details.