The Department of Health warn of the dangers of using socket covers

example of plasic socket covers

The Department of Health has recently issued an alert notice to warn of the dangers of using socket inserts (socket covers / protectors). The alert notice requires all socket covers in use within the Department of Health facilities and estates to be withdraw and disposed of. Link to the Alert Notice.

The dangers of using these socket covers has been highlighted by the Fatally Flawed campaign. Their website has a wealth of information on socket covers.

The IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) also has an article on socket covers available for download here.

To summarise the main issues with using these safety covers:

1) UK sockets are already designed to be safe. All 13A sockets incorporate a shutter system which provides protection against access to the live and neutral contacts.

2) Socket covers make sockets less safe as they can be used to override the in-built protection of the socket.

3) Socket covers do not comply with the pin dimensions required in a normal plug, as such risk damaging the socket.

overriding shutter mechanism
Socket covers compromise the in-built
safety features of the socket
socket cover pin dimensions
Socket covers do not meet the required
pin dimensions.