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Dangerous Water Heater - Update

dangerous water heater

Following on from the previous article on dangerous water heaters, I have found some excellent Youtube videos on these heaters by ‘bigclivedotcom’. As well as the small cup heater that we previously tested, Clive shows a larger version that is sold for heating babies baths!

dangerous Turkish Kettle

Clive also details a Turkish kettle using the same live electrode water heating method. bigclivedotcom - Inside a dodgy Turkish "stinger" kettle.

I ordered my own Turkish coffee kettle from Ebay to add to the Plugtest collection.

The kettle does have some warnings in the instructions, including: 'When the plug is in the socket, do not put your hand in the appliance or in the water remained in the appliance'. 'Never use a metal spoon'.

touch current test

Using the same method as before, I measured the touch current using a clamp meter and a test lead with a 2kΩ resistance attached to a metal spoon. The measured touch current was 52mA, enough to cause a serous electric shock.

Current (mA) Effects on the body
1.5 First noticeable sensation
2.5 Tingling in palms
5 Cramp starts
7.5 Hands stiffening, 'let go' still possible
10 - 15 Cramp increases; limit of 'let go'
25 - 30 Severe cramp extending to the thoracic region
30 - 50 Increase in blood pressure; heart irregular
50 - 60 Respiratory system affected; loss of consciousness
60 - 75 Lower threshold of heart fibrillation