Martindale HPAT600

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The Martindale HPAT600 is battery powered, lightweight and easy use. It is supplied with rechargeable batteries, mains charger and a car charger. Key features include user selectable pass levels, easy (manual) or fast (automatic) operating modes, and a 200 test result memory. The result memory allows the test data to be recalled on the screen and recorded following the testing.(Please be aware, the results can not be downloaded to a PC.)

  • Key Features
  • Included Items

Key Features

  • Battery powered - 8 X rechargeable AA included
  • Performs Earth bond at 200mA
  • Dual 250V / 500V insulation test voltages (For testing equipment with surge protection)
  • Simulated load test
  • User selectable pass levels
  • Test lead null out feature
  • 200 test data storage (Not downloadable)
  • Manual or Fast operating modes
  • Extension lead test including polarity
  • back light display

Included Items

  • Product Verification Certificate (Manufacturer's calibration)
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Carry case
  • Mains charger & Car charger
  • Instruction manual
  • Earth bond lead with test probe and clip
  • Extension lead test adaptor
  • 500 'PASSED' PAT Labels